Professional Development

The Standards Company team has trained public school educators at all levels of governance, from small rural schools to state departments of education.

Additionally, our team is well-versed in the instructional changes generated by the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.

All professional development services incorporate on-site implementation monitoring, goal-setting, and coaching.


Currently, The Standards Company offers professional development in the following areas.

Cognitive Rigor

Cognitive Rigor, a blend of the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy and Norman Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, provides a powerful tool for understanding the cognitive complexity of curriculum and instruction and modifying instruction to meet the demands of new college- and career-readiness standards.

Educators learn in this workshop to select higher quality curricular content, modify instruction to teach content spanning a wider range of Cognitive Rigor, and develop deeper critical thinking skills in their students.

Cognitive-Powered Instruction (CPI)

By melding direct instruction techniques with progressive inquiry-based strategies, this workshop helps teachers develop advanced teaching methods ideal for delivering Common Core State Standards and Next Generation of Science Standards in the classroom.

Although systematic in its approach, the instructional methods teachers learn in this workshop are pleasantly flexible, allowing them to use their own decision-making to choose the best strategies for lesson delivery.

Rigor-Driven Questioning Strategies

The learning environment depends greatly on the questioning strategies teachers use to engage students and check for understanding. Fortunately, we have developed a simple, flexible, and powerful method that compels students to reflect critically on their learning and provides the feedback teachers need to monitor their own teaching effectiveness.

The methods learned in this workshop will stimulate critical thinking in students, boost student engagement, and allow teachers to sample the full range of Cognitive Rigor available to them.

Cognitive-Powered Lesson Planning

The time needed to develop high quality lessons, especially in the new era of Common Core State Standards, poses a tremendous challenge to teachers with their busy daily routines.

Using a systematic approach to lesson plan development, teachers learn in this workshop to develop a standards-aligned lesson plan that engages students and ensures that teachers employ a wide range of evidence-based strategies in their instruction.

Classroom Sustainability

Corporations, private foundations, and public agencies have long supported teachers and their students through small classroom-level grants. To help teachers respond to a wide range of funding opportunities, we have packaged our impressive grant writing experience in a series of workshops.

Each workshop addresses a key component of the grant-seeking process, including funding research monitoring, budgeting, grant proposal authoring, and the use of office productivity tools.


  • Seminars (up to two hours): $950
  • Workshops (half-day): $2,750
  • Workshops (full-day): $3,500
  • Follow-up coaching of coaches (full-day): $3,500
  • Classroom observation (full-day): $1,850

Fees do not include travel expenses (e.g., mileage, air fare, lodging). For a completely inclusive fee estimate, contact us.


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I formed The Standards Company in 2007 to provide educators and researchers a cost-effective way to ensure that their curriculum and instruction meet rigorous expectations.

Let us help your teaching staff boost the learning environment in their classrooms and make teaching fun again.

John R. Walkup, PhD